The most common mistakes students make when writing a seminar paper

The most common mistakes students make when writing a seminar paper

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Waiting for a seminar paper? Avoid these mistakes you are certainly making. Although you may not want to admit it directly …

Lack of relevant resources

The end of the semester is approaching and Professor XY has given you a seminar paper. Of course, the topic doesn’t tell you anything. You desperately spin your eyes and whine. The only savior you remember at the moment is Google. You will find that a hundred other students had the same topic in the seminar paper so you will calm down. You say, “If they did it, I can do it.” All I have to do is look through the work and get some inspiration. Or … Or just simply translate word order. I will invent some new original sentences and it will be. With the bibliographic list, you will not give much effort and use the same quotes as a million students in front of you. After all, why would you look for new scientific literature? Even so, it would set you down with dust. And after all, you can find everything on the Internet.


The truth is that you will find an incredible amount of information on the Internet, but no one will guarantee you its relevance. Therefore it is good if you use real literature in addition to wikipedia, papers and other dubious but very popular websites. One you can find in your university library, for example.

And beware! Try to really read the literature. It will be easier to write about something you have studied. Ctr + c and ctrl + v are inviting buttons, but keep in mind that your colleagues will choose the same procedure. If you decide to apply for professional literature, remember that quantity does not equal quality. Therefore, choose literature responsibly and to the point. General requirements for the quality of seminar work.


Lack of time is a typical excuse for all students. In reality, however, students have enough time to prepare and finalize the seminary work. Unfortunately, if they are in no hurry, they will not do anything in advance. I know, some students are better at working under pressure, and so they’re expecting more of themselves. Well, I advise you to keep a bigger time reserve. Stress is not good. You will see, you will sleep better knowing that you have already “hardened” your hard work long ago, while the others are just pushing their first ctr + c and ctrl + v.

Not concentrating and running away from work

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat. These are the achievements that distract your attention from seminar work. And not just her! Hand over your cell to your mom, dad, friend … that doesn’t matter. Just don’t carry it with you! And yes, unplug the internet to keep you from clicking on the Facebook on your laptop. You will see that it will be easier for you to write. You will be more focused and your seminar work will not contain jerky thoughts, illogical phrases and arguments.

Correction? Is there such a thing?

Whatever your professional work is written in your seminar work, no matter how much relevant resources you use. Spelling, stylistic, and grammatical mistakes “kill” your seminar work and the overall impression of it. I know you are in a hurry. I know, nobody’s perfect.


Most importantly, you have to check the entire seminar work several times. To begin with, you should fix the errors that hit your eyes right away. In general, it is recommended to check the entire seminar work 4 times.

In the first phase, it is important to focus on style, grammar and reasoning. You should then look at the correctness of the bibliographic data, the accuracy of the citations, the aptness of the paraphrases used. In the third proof, focus on economy and the link between introduction and conclusion. And at the last check try to make your work even more fine.

Consultation with the teacher

The teacher is there for you to advise you, inspire you and guide you on the right path. It will help you to better understand the assignment and recommend appropriate literature. You don’t really give anything for a moment’s consultation with him. Your seminar work can take a completely different direction.

By consulting, your work can be different. And among other things, the teacher will find that you are conscientious and serious about his task. They simply climb up on it. You can then leave the consultation with the prospect of a good mark.